Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010

Last minute presents for those living in Germany

Obviously I cannot guarantee anything but if you order any of these items from German online shops today you might have a very good chance of receiving them before the 24th of December:
1) Saskia Diez big red wood bracelet, 39 Euro, made in Germany of German wood. 2) smil air mail pouch bag, 17 Euro, made in Germany. 3) smil dachshund brooch, 8 Euro, made in Germany.
4) Pottpurrie tote, 17.90 Euro, printed in Germany. 5) USLU AIRLINES BBE Bread & Butter Big Bell Australia, 11 Euro, made in Germany. 6) Toodot organic cotton raglan sweater Winnipeg, 59 Euro, made in Turkey.
7) Katharine Hamnett LOVE t-shirt, 29.90 Euro, made in India. 8) Knowledge Cotton Apparel Bernie organic wool scarf, 34.90 Euro, made in ??? (I have asked them and will update later). 9) Mazooka Elvis t-shirt, 38 Euro, printed in Germany on American Apparel t-shirt.
Last minute Geschenke aus deutschen Online-Shops. Ein Klick auf das Foto führt zum jeweiligen Onlineshop. Übersetzung folgt...

photo credit: 1) 2)+3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9)

Freitag, 17. Dezember 2010

Christmas fair trade knit special

from upper left corner to lower right: 1) Litha knit shoes, 39 Euro, made in Germany. 2) 100% alpaca wool reversible chullo hat, 'Andean Color', 59.95 USD, made in Peru. 3) Dusty merino wool gloves, 40 GBP, made in UK. 4) Fair Isle gloves, 20 GBP, made in Nepal.

5) Aran maxi socks, 18 GBP, made in Nepal. 6) Alpaca wool scarf, 'Andean Earth', 59.95 USD, made in Peru. 7) 100% alpaca wool scarf, 'Lipstick', 39.95 USD, made in Peru. 8) Komodo Casa Fair Trade Knitted Round Hat, 23 GBP, made in Nepal.

9) Recycled Pink Sock Monkey Mittens, 18 USD, made in USA. 10) Eribé Fair Isle gloves, 39 Euro, made in UK. 11) ReLuxe Fair Trade Knitted Chunky Socks, 18 GBP, made in UK. 12) Aymara Isolde tube scarf, 154 Euro, made in Bolivia.

Availability: 9) can only be shipped to the USA - rest: international shipping


Verfügbarkeit - ein Klick auf das Foto führt zum jeweiligen Onlineshop. Aus Zeitmangel spare ich mir eine deutsche Übersetzung der Beschreibungen. Alle Stücke können online gekauft werden, aber 9) wird nur nach Nordamerika verschickt.

photo credit: 1), 10) 2), 6), 7) 3) 4) 5) 8), 11) 9) 12)

Christmas fair trade jewelry special

from upper left corner to lower right: 1) Bold Bars Ceramic Earrings, 14 USD, made in Kenya. 2) gold colored ceramic star on lurex thread, 15 Euro (brand: Ombre Claire which usually produces in Niger but I am not sure here; will ask Aude (the designer), then update). 3) Out of Africa Bracelet, 28 USD, made in Kenya. 4) Glimmers of Brass Bracelet, 18 USD, made in Kenya. 5) Nicole Mebane Raw Amethyst Ring, 39 GBP. 6) Manumit Gold chain link hoop earrings, 8 GBP, made in India. 7) Wood cuff bracelet, 'Forest Moon', 29.95 USD, made in Thailand. 8) Nundu ring , 15 GBP, made in East Africa. 9) Blue Ceramic Disc Necklace, 28.50 USD, made in Kenya.

Availability (click on pics to buy and for photo credit): all can be bought online BUT 1), 3), 4), 9) can only be shipped to the "48 contiguous United States" of North America.
Verfügbarkeit - ein Klick auf das Foto führt zum jeweiligen Onlineshop und somit auch zur Fotoquelle. Aus Zeitmangel spare ich mir eine deutsche Übersetzung der Beschreibungen. Alle Stücke können online gekauft werden, aber 1), 3), 4) und 9) werden nur nach Nordamerika verschickt.

photo credit: 1), 3), 4), 9): 2): 5), 6) 7) 8)

Freitag, 10. Dezember 2010

Made in Germany: c.neeon

c.neeon was launched by Clara Leskovar and Doreen Schulz in 2004. By chance I came across the label that very first year when they were selling at Galleries Lafayette in Berlin and remember being smitten by their use of strong graphic prints which have become their trademark. Leskovar and Schulz, both graduates from Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee, immediately gained international attention by winning the Grand Prix at Hyeres in 2005 and one year later the New Generation award at London Fashion Week. Above you can see pieces from their fall/winter collection 2010 (click to buy) and some earlier designs which are all available in their webshop (they also have a shop on Kastanienallee 55, Berlin). The spring/summer collection 2011 can be viewed here. All c.neeon designs are made in Germany: prototypes are created at the Berlin workshop, the fabrics are printed in Saxony, knit wear and tailoring are made in Thuringia.


c.neeon wurde 2004 von Clara Leskovar und Doreen Schulz gegründet. Leskovar und Schulz, beide Absolventinnen der Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee, wurden schnell international bekannt. Sie gewannen 2005 den Grand Prix des Hyères Festival International de Mode und ein Jahr später den New Generation Award der London Fashion Week. Die Fotos zeigen Modelle aus der Herbst/Winter Kollektion 2010 und ein paar frühere Entwürfe; alle im Webshop erhältlich (außerdem gibt es einen c.neeon Laden auf der Kastanienallee 55 in Berlin). Die Frühling/Sommer Kollektion 2011 ist hier zu sehen. Die c.neeon Produkte werden alle in Deutschland hergestellt. Die Drucke in Sachsen, der Strick und die Produktion in Thüringen, die Musterung in Berlin.

Freitag, 3. Dezember 2010

ALL knitwear by Annie Larson

"ALL Knitwear is an American clothing label for women designed and produced by Annie Larson. The ALL Shop launched online in April 2010, offering made-to-order knit creations exclusively through the Internet for customers all over the world. The label is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA where each garment is hand-crafted by Larson on a Brother KH-950 Electroknit Knitting Machine."
ALL Knitwear von Annie Larson wird von der Designerin selbst mit einer Brother KH-950 Electroknit Maschine in Minneapolis gestrickt.


Sonntag, 21. November 2010

At the workplace: Luskentyre Harris Tweed Company

photo credit (as well as many more photos and a description of the making of Harris Tweed): Style Bubble and Style Salvage