Montag, 7. Dezember 2009

Hall of Shame: Primark faces new claims that it uses sweatshop labour

"2005: Primark named least ethical clothing company by 'Ethical Consumer' magazine. Primark says it has a code of conduct for suppliers which is independently audited abroad
2006: War on Want report finds child labourers in Bangladesh making Primark clothes for 3p an hour. Allegations of beating and sexual harrassment are made. Primarkasks for details and says it will investigate
2008: BBC's Panorama finds Primark using child labourers working gruelling hours in slum workshops and refugee camps. Primark blames third party suppliers and says it will tighten controls on contractors"
2009: "According to new research by charity War on Want, workers stitching Primark clothes in Bangladesh earn so little that they cannot eat properly, and many end up "malnourished"."
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