Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2010

Why American Apparel is going out of fashion

"Charney founded the company 13 years ago. Today he owns a little over half of it – but he may well not after the end of the month.[...] Charney's cherished business model – his decision to make all the clothes at HQ in Los Angeles rather than in low-cost countries such as China, as encapsulated in his slogan "sweatshop free" – is approaching a crossroads." American Apparel's "financial fortunes have shifted dramatically and obviously. Charney blames a raid on his LA factory last year, in which it was discovered that 1,500 workers – almost one in three – was an illegal immigrant to the US. As a consequence of the raid, American Apparel struggled to keep the plant running."
Quotes: Why American Apparel is going out of fashion. By Stephen Foley.

More info: American Apparel shares tumble 41% as same-store sales fall. By Andrea Chang.
Immigration Crackdown With Firings, Not Raids. By Julia Preston.
American Apparel faces fresh crisis. By Allison Linn.


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