Mittwoch, 27. August 2008

‘They want to work – they don’t want aid’

Via Safia Minney's blog I found this article in the Daily Mail:

"‘They want to work – they don’t want aid’: British clothing label People Tree is committed to fashion without making victims of the workers who produce its designs. Liz Jones visited Bangladesh with company founder Safia Minney to find out how its Fairtrade practices are making a huge difference in one village."

I am quite curious to find out how the influence of Jane Shepherdson will change People Tree's style. I think that scarves and shirts made of their amazing handwoven plaid fabrics would sell like hotcakes:

"Last year, Jane Shepherdson, who left Topshop after 20 years as brand director, joined People Tree’s board. Her input won’t be seen until the autumn 2008 collection, but already she is encouraging Safia to move away from the more homespun, ethnic pieces and towards more tailored, smarter clothes that can be worn in the office."

To read the full article: click here.

Über den Blog von Safia Minney, der Gründerin des Fair Trade Fashion Labels People Tree, habe ich diesen Artikel aus der Daily Mail gefunden. Die Journalistin Liz Jones reiste mit Minney nach Bangladesch, um über die Arbeit des Unternehmens zu berichten. Jane Shepherdson, die 20 Jahre für Topshop gearbeitet hat, ist jetzt Teil des Vorstands von People Tree. Ich bin gespannt, wie sich ihr Einfluß auf die Entwürfe auswirken wird.

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