Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2009

Summer Sale at Ekyog

"The Ekyog adventure started in 2003 when owners Natalie Lebas and Louis Marie Vautier got the idea of launching an organic clothing brand with a vision: “To do business and contribute to the objective that our planet will still be livable in 50 years”. To do that, Ekyog has developed its eco chic designs with three objectives: to use only organic and ecological materials, to produce according to ethical transparent processes and to create garments that are as soft and pleasant on the skin as they are on the eyes." (quoted from - click the link for the full article) The French brand is available via Ekyog's own webshop however they currently only ship to France, Belgium and Luxemburg; their spring/summer collection 2009 is currently on sale (50% off)).

Deutsche Übersetzung folgt morgen...


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