Samstag, 6. Februar 2010

Blog watch: Behind the Scenes - The Product Specialist. Cathy Horyn interviews Cindy Ferrara.

"Around 1983, I got a job with a company called Robert Sandel that was attempting to make fashion in China. I was to fly to Shanghai and put the line together in a little town outside Shanghai. I had never been in Asia. And it was very early in the history of western companies working in China. [...] And then I saw this whole thing go overseas. We’d give the Chinese the machines and the training, they’d give us garments. The know-how was still here in America. Now the know-how is gone, it’s really gone, and they have the know-how." (click here to read the whole article: On The Runway blog @ NY Times)

Ein sehr interessanter Post von Cathy Horyn über die Erfahrungen von Cindy Ferrara, einer Produktionsspezialistin für Kleidung, die die Auslagerung der Produktion von Mode nach Asien miterlebt hat. Auf Englisch hier zu lesen.

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