Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2010

World Class: Pointer Brand by CwaC

Die deutsche Fassung findet ihr hier. Welcome to this first instalment of a series of posts that Brad of Commerce with a Conscience (CwaC) and I will publish over the coming months. In a sort of transatlantic exchange program we will introduce socially responsible fashion labels from both sides of the pond. (To find out more about CwaC read my interview with Brad here.) My first pick for this series is casual brand Slowmo and you can read about it here, Brad has written about Tennessee work wear manufacturer Pointer Brand:

If you ever hear anyone complain about things not being made they way they used to, do them the favor of sending them to the Pointer Brand website. The company was founded in 1913 by hunting dog breeder Landon Clayton King, who sought to produce work wear with a pedigree equal to that of his beloved hounds. Fast forward to nearly a century later, and L.C. King Manufacturing Co. is still going strong; still owned by the King family and still producing its entire range of tough-as-nails denim and canvas goods in the same Bristol, Tennessee factory in which it began.

Even more impressive than Pointer's longevity, however, is the sincerity of its product. While most other so-called "heritage" brands have launched exorbitantly priced, US made capsule collections (while still producing their main lines in the third world) in order to milk the current Americana trend, Pointer still doesn't have a product over $60 (excluding big & tall sizes). There is no collection of skinny jeans or midriff length chambray shirts anywhere in Pointer's future. Instead, just more of the same affordable, high quality utilitarian gear. You can't help but respect a company so willing to abstain from such an easy (though obvious) cash-grab in order to stay true it its roots.

A work wear icon, and one of the last great American-made bargains, Pointer is a brand that really does make 'em they used to.

photos: Kyle from Seattle wearing Pointer Brand chore jacket; Teri Conroy wearing Pointer Brand overalls

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