Freitag, 12. September 2008

Thoughts about fair trade - part three

Right now there are so many thoughts rolling around in my head that I just can't sort out quickly so instead of writing my own post tonight I am referring you to the lovely Susie Bubble who has written some posts about sweatshops which attracted many many comments (unlike my posts so far ;-)

You have to question it... (Primark)
The Arcadia Avoidance (Topshop)

The second post was found via this post on The Coveted:
No Sweat

And I also highly recommend this article from the Let's Clean Up Fashion blog:
Who is the ethical consumer

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Fruchtzwerg hat gesagt…

Hi, thanks for your concerning and comment about my post which contains a possible stop from blogging.

About your blog: Me, personally think that you have such a great idea to focus on fair trade fashion in order to show us that fashion doesn't need to be pricey (designers) or be cheap as hell which is probably only possible by sweat shops.
Second point: your idea to keep a bilingual blog is great for non-German speakers to understand your blog. It's much more work to do the content twice and to translate it in English or keep it as well in German but here is a point which could be improved. I just flip around the current posts of the first page and recognized that you don't use both languages equally. In some posts you post only in one language in others you translate only one part of the German text into English. Personally, I prefer more consistency in this point.

This is probably the only remarkable point which might needs some improvement. Your layout is simple and clean, I like that and the font is bit enough to read (my eyes are hurting if the fonts are too tiny) and the choosen colour for your fonts are good as well, dark enough to read it.

Nice work! And thanks for looking up at my blog.