Mittwoch, 30. Juni 2010

Made in Africa: Sika

Sika was founded by Phyllis Taylor who "finds inspiration in her native Ghanaian culture, its colors, and landscape and sources fabrics for her designs [...] 'So much energy and inspiration comes from there! Africa as a source of inspiration often gets overlooked, with all the negativity that goes on – it can affect people’s judgement. I want to begin to change those negative stereotypes of Africa and I think I can make a start by bringing African prints to the forefront of fashion,' Taylor explains."

"Every fabric has been carefully selected in local Ghanaian markets and is hand-made using natural methods, creating exclusive limited prints. Each unique piece defines an area in West Africa’s vast textile landscape, using traditional fabrics such as tie dye, batiks and wax prints. All garments are produced in Ghana by highly skilled tailors and seamstresses."

Sika fashion can be bought online or in London at "Cherry Picked", 5a Greenwich Market, Greenwich, SE10 9HZ, England.

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photos: Sika's Facebook group
Sika wurde von Phyllis Taylor gegründet, die die Stoffe für ihre Designs auf lokalen Märkten in Ghana aussucht. Sie verwendet nur Stoffe, die mit traditionellen Methoden wie Batik oder Wachsdruck in Westafrika hergestellt wurden. Alle Kleidungsstücke werden in Ghana produziert.

Sika kann online gekauft werden oder in London bei "Cherry Picked", 5a Greenwich Market, Greenwich, SE10 9HZ, England.

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