Samstag, 9. Oktober 2010

Komodo Fall / Winter 2010 / 2011

So I found these pictures at yet on their own website Komodo is still selling summer 2010 stuff! What's up with that? They are not the only fair trade company who is super late at featuring their fall / winter campaign: slowmo, potipoti, Izzy Lane - why are you not selling fall / winter clothes in your web shops? Other shops are having their mid season sale!

Diese Bilder der aktuellen Kollektion von Komodo habe ich bei gefunden aber auf Komodos eigener Webseite wird immer noch die Sommerkollektion 2010 verkauft! Was soll das denn bitte? Sie sind aber nicht die einzige Fair Trade Modemarke, die sehr spät dran sind mit dem Bewerben der Herbst / Winter Kollektion: slowmo, potipoti, Izzy Lane - wo sind eure Herbst / Winter Sachen?


Janette @ Fashion Loves People hat gesagt…

Hi! Just found your blog today and am already a big fan. Looking forward to receiving your RSS feed from now on. I write an ethical fashion blog as well, at -- looks like we have a lot in common! See you around! :)

Janette @ Fashion Loves People hat gesagt…

Oops, typo in my last comment. That URL is Thanks.

Annette hat gesagt…

Hi Janette,

thanks for your comment. I have linked you on my blog (see blogroll).