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99 sweatshop-free fashion brands

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Since I have started blogging in August 2008 I have found more than 90 brands and shops that offer sweatshop-free goods that I would like to share with you. Click on the names in capital letters to read more about these labels. I have indicated the location of the company and webshop at the end of the description like this (G = Germany, UK, US...). "No webshop" means that the company does not run its own webshop but products might be sold via other shops. A number of UK- and US-based online shops are selling fair trade fashion - find them here. My fair trade jeans special can be found here.

Scroll down to the end of this list to find out how I have made my choice.


PAZ canvas bags with synthetic leather accents made in Brazil (Brazil)
ASHLEY WATSON recycled leather bags (Canada)
AEHRENKRANZ leather accessories made in Berlin (G)
AIRBAG CRAFTWORKS recycled air mattress bags (G)
HACK LEDERWARE canvas bags with leather accents made in Cologne, Germany (G)
MONIA HERBST leather bags made in Berlin (G)
RUMMELSBURG leather bags made in Germany (G)
TAUSCHE TASCHEN sturdy plastic bags with exchangeable bag flaps (G)
DIALOG synthetic leather bags with origami pleated fabric accents (Hong Kong)
ROYAL BLUSH vegetable tanned leather bags (Switzerland)
IGNES elegant leather bags designed and made in Uruguay (Uruguay)
GANESHA leather bags, leather wallets, handwoven scarves (UK)
GLOWING DOLL SHOP canvas bags; Dawanda seller (UK)
MAKKI eel skin bags (UK)
NKUKU leather bags (tote and briefcase) made in India (UK)
BUCKAROO canvas bags with leather accents made in Colorado (US)
CARGA felt bags with aluminum rivets made in Argentina (US)
ENGLISH RETREADS recycled rubber bags made in Boulder, Colorado (US)
ERNEST ALEXANDER waxed canvas bags with leather handles made in NYC (US)
FILSON canvas and wool cloth bags made in the USA (US)
MOOP canvas bags made in Pittsburgh (US)
TANNER GOODS canvas / leather bags made in Portland, Oregon (US)

OMBRE CLAIRE silver jewelry made by Tuaregs (FR)
MADE hand made brass jewelry from Africa (UK)

EDSOR KRONEN ties, ascots, scarves, cummerbunds and made-to-measure dressing gowns made in Berlin (G)
IC! BERLIN prescription and sun glasses made of sheet metal and acetate in Berlin (G)
LUNETTES vintage dead stock prescription and sun glasses (G)
MYKITA metal and acetate frame prescription and sun glasses made in Berlin (G)
BEBAROQUE screen printed and hand embroidered tights made in Scotland (UK)
THE NORTH CIRCULAR hand knitted scarves, hats and mittens made with wool from ethically farmed sheep (UK)
PACHACUTI Panama hats by the UK’s only Fair Trade hat specialist, working directly with women's co-operatives in Ecuador (UK)
A PEACE TREATY handwoven scarves (US)
ELAINE HERRINGTON beaded earrings; Ebay seller (US)
YOKOO hand knitted scarves; Etsy seller (US)

KAWASAKI canvas shoes; no webshop check webpage for int. salespoints (DK)
VEJA sneakers made in Brazil; no webshop check webpage for int. salespoints (FR)
COGAMA leather shoes designed in Berlin and made in Italy; no webshop check webpage for int. salespoints (G)
TRIPPEN leather shoes made in Berlin (G)
DR. MARTENS only the vintage collection is still made in England (UK)


MILCH recycled menswear turns into womenswear (Austria)
I HEART NORWEGIAN WOOD skirts, leggings, cage garments; Etsy seller (CA)
JACKPOT womenswear only; Danish casual fashion (DK)
NANSO cute jersey designs made in Finland (Finland)
ARMOR LUX maritime casual fashion made in France (FR)
EKYOG womenswear only; fashion forward brand (FR)
LES FÉES DE BENGALE womenswear only; feminine French design made in India (FR)
MACHJA casual fashion, yoga wear (FR)
MONSIEUR POULET fair trade printed T-shirts à la Threadless (FR)
NU JEANS fair trade jeans in 3 styles for women from India (FR)
ARMED ANGELS printed shirts (G)
BERLINILLUSTRATED screen printed shirts & accessories (G)
GARDEUR womenswear only; business casual; no webshop check webpage for int. salespoints (G)
GERMAN GARMENT printed t-shirts designed by Kilian Kerner and team made in Germany (G)
KEN PANDA screen printed hoodies made in Berlin (G)
LIVING CRAFTS underwear, basics (G)
MAJACO feminine designer fashion made in Germany (G)
MEY underwear (G)
POTIPOTI fashion forward designs from a Spanish couple (G)
SLOWMO slouchy leisure wear made in Berlin (G)
SMIL screen printed shirts & accessories made in Berlin (G)
TRECHES colorful street wear made in Berlin and designed by a Norwegian (G)
elegant and contemporary designer fashion made in Germany (G)
WUNDERVOLL luxury underwear made in Germany; no webshop check webpage for int. salespoints (G)
HESS NATUR a wide variety of fashion made from organic materials (G/US)
ELEMENTUM The Elementum pieces can morph from scarf to dress, from shirt to skirt, from jacket to trousers (NL)
JUX "Studio JUX is a Dutch designer brand. The fabrics and designs combine comfort with style." (NL)
FIN womenswear only; sophisticated fashion design from Norway
MISERICORDIA sporty street wear made in Peru (Peru)
NUDIE JEANS jeans for men made in Italy (Sweden)
ASCENSION jeans, cotton & poly blend t-shirts and womenswear made in India (UK)
FROM SOMEWHERE womenswear only; Italian Design using high quality fabric leftovers (UK)
ALBAM menswear only; classic styles (UK)
BIBICO womenswear only; "high-street styles. fairtrade ethics" from Spanish designer Nieves Ruiz (UK)
ENAMORE womenswear only; "Enamore is a creative fashion label producing beautiful clothing, lingerie and accessories from organic and sustainable fabrics" (UK)
EPONA CLOTHING blank T-shirts & hoodies made with fair trade cotton (UK)
GOSSYPIUM yoga wear, basics, underwear (UK)
HOUSE OF (BENDIE) BILLIAM hoodies custom-made of British suiting fabrics (UK)
HOWIES casual sporty fashion (UK)
INVERALLAN hand knitted sweaters Aran style (UK)
IZZY LANE hand knitted sweaters, cashmere from the UK, vegan shoes (UK)
JOHN SMEDLEY British knit wear company which celebrated its 225th anniversary in 2009, still made in England (UK)
KATHERINE HAMNETT iconic slogan t-shirts (UK)
KOMODO uses natural and eco-friendly fabrics, dyes, and traditional handmade local skills, to create edgy fashion designs (UK)
each piece is carefully constructed by hand and made to order in London; Nadinoo is able to offer personalised service. Silks and cottons from Liberty of London are featured in every collection (UK)
ORGANIC STEREO "feminine and metropolitan, with a sense of playfulness and vintage flair" (UK)
PEOPLE TREE stylish casual fashion; regular designer collaborations (UK)
[QUAIL womenswear only; business casual made in the UK (UK) - went out of business in July 2011]
SHARKAH CHAKRA offers five different styles of cigarette to bootcut fit jeans made in India (UK)
AMERICAN APPAREL T-shirts in over 30 colors, leggings, jersey dresses (US/Int.)
JOHN PATRICK ORGANIC Prêt à porter designer; no webshop check webpage for int. salespoints (US)
STEWART & BROWN "high quality, stylish clothing with minimal impact on the planet" (US)
womenswear only; very feminine fashion mostly made from soft jersey in the US (US)

The selection: most of these brands make explicit statements about the ethical / socially responsible / fair trade production of their goods. Sometimes I have concluded that the working conditions were okay (e.g. people selling homemade fashion via Etsy / Dawanda). Nobody's perfect so if you have sth. to say about the brands (or my descriptions) please leave a comment.


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Da fallen mir noch ein paar mehr ein:
Glücksstoff, Milch Fairtrade, luxusbaba, eher Massenfähig coop naturaline und switcher aus der Schweiz,; Gudrun Sjödén, die anderen Labels von der Green Fashion Switzerland (www.natur.chgreenfashionswitzerland), Tudo Bom, glore, sense organic .... (nur so auf die Schnelle und ohne lange nachzudenken)
eigentlich wäre es einmal eine spannende Idee daraus eine Liste zu machen, die per crowdsourcing gefüllt wird....

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Danke für Deinen Kommentar. Diese Liste ist immer in Bearbeitung. D.h. wenn ich über ein neues Label schreibe, wird sie aktualisiert.

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only US/UK-based companies?
i like 45rpm (japanese brand -, and they sound responsible... but you never know.

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